Sunday, February 1, 2009


Like most things i do, this is ill timed and poorly calculated. But now i've finally decided to start a blog for some reason, after a month of being in beautiful Bologna, Italy.
Right now I'm sitting in my beautiful apartment just outside the city to the south, in the hills, sipping some espresso. I must admit that I love this city for more reasons than just the amazing food, beautiful people, and way of life, and i'll let you know those reasons when i discover them.

I share my apartment with 5 others, including 2 excellent Italians; Paula and Matteo. The reasons for why they are awesome are many, but include that they put up with my atrocious spoken italian. My Italian language partner (provided by brown university), Pietro, is a Bologna native and shares surprisingly similar interests, not academically or hobby wise but in the areas of drinking and women. I even rode on the back of his skooter one time, and i enjoyed it, grinning like an idiot the whole time no matter how immasculating that seems in the states.

I don't have a camera, as mine was stolen from my architecture studio desk last semester (I'll find you). So any pictures i post will be stolen from facebook, thanks friends!

almost forgot to mention that the hard c at the end of Marc is too difficult for most italians, so I introduce myself as Marco.

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