Monday, June 1, 2009

that's wierd.

I always thought my grandpa was crazy for mixing coca-cola and wine, breaking out into laughter without prompt, and watching lifetime original movies, but it turns out, it's quite a popular thing in many areas of the world (i'm talking about the coke and wine mix). At dinner one night, i mentioned it to Paola, and she said that In Spain it's a popular drink known as Calimocho (from the basque Kalimotxo), in Chile it goes by jote, in South Africa its called Kotemba, and in many eastern european nations it is referred to as bambus. Apparently in China they mix redwine with 7up, thats just silly.

Seems like the whole world has a word for this concoction with the exception of italy and north america, Reminds me of the Lemonade-Beer, called 'Radler' that i had during my 2 hour layover in Munich. I tried redwine n' coke that night, and on a seperate occassion, and i gotta reccomend trying it, just make sure the coke is from a good year.

And did you know, that you can make pizza dough by substituting yeast and water with beer? I tried a piece that Amos, a fellow brown in bologna student, made, and I was surprised by how good it was. The crust came out a bit browner and the taste had a great little bite to it.

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