Friday, April 17, 2009

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Dough

That's right, like some kind of brilliant (or mad) scientist, a freak culinary mishap in the attempt at making some late night crepes ended in a concoction that tastes exactly like some gooey primordial cinnamon toast crunch.

how did this happen? observe the simplicity:
flour [a bunch]
eggs [2]
Cane/Brown Sugar [enough]
Water [a little soupyness]
Milk [some]
Butter [a chunk]
-Whisk until thick and delicious looking
-Heat a pan with butter, make the cakes thin by pouring a little batter at a time and then tilting the pan in different directions to move the batter around.
-Cook until not gooey [to flip, since you only make one massive cake at a time, try using some wrist/elbow action and flip the pancake through the air, it's very satisfying]

Cinnamon Toastyness - Quickly fry up butter with a bunch of cane sugar and cinnamon, drizzle this toasty topping all over the cakes themselves after they've been lightly buttered.

nom nom nom
~For your health

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