Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Risotto is great for many reasons, some being; it is thick and hardy, fills you up, it goes very well as a side or a main dish, it holds for a long time, and tastes good cold. You can also get very creative with risotto. The only problem is that it requires constant attention for about a half hour. This recipe is all thanks to Sofia, who taught me to scrape the bottom of the pot, and frequently reminds me of the size of my head.

this is the main formula:
in one pot:
-boil up some broth, what kind depends on your tastes
in another pot:
-sautee up some stuff, i would reccommend diced onions and sliced mushrooms, spinach is also really good, but i've also made it with sicilian lemons (an article is coming on those), tomatoes, whatever your imagination fancys. [note: if your using frozen spinach, put it in at the end, lest it get soggy]
-Add rice and lots of olive oil, let that sit for a hot second
-Add broth to rice slowly, stirring constantly and forcefully
-Add some wine at the same time, give that some time to cook in and burn out
-Once you think its done, you can add in some cheese (pecorino, parmesan, etc.) or even some yogurt (whacky)

Thanks Sofia!

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