Saturday, April 18, 2009

Great Job

Yesterday, in a gloriously successful attempt at dinner, an amazing sauce was created by not myself but my guest.

If i remember correctly, this is what went down in a frying pan:
olive oil and butter (butter butter butter), add lotsa rucola, halved cherry tomatoes, and some cubed salami. Let that cook then add enough white wine to create enough volume that it could actually sauce something (if sauce isn't a verb, i still suggest its use). At the last minute, throw in some bits of mozzarella, once they get gushy and melted, just throw it over some pasta, we used 'maccheroncini' which is just big fat hollow spaghetti, a bigger bucatini if you will (my italian roommates looked at it like it came from space), although i think it'd also go well with farfalle or ziti.

I'm assuming some spices (salt n' pepper etc.) were added during the cooking process, but I was busying myself with some lemon chicken cutlets (which also came out deliciously).

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pr1629 said...

I tried your recipe and it was delisioso, grazie. FYI, it's arugula :) Ciao