Thursday, April 16, 2009

Da Streets

Haven't updated in a while, to which i'm sure all of my readers are devastated (hi mom).
Pithy summarizations of the [street] food in the cities i've visited this past month:

Cork: potato wedges and chicken baguettes washed down with 2.75 euro beamish
London: Expensive and delicious gourmet foods next to meat pies
Prague: really thin churros, cheap beer [under 2 euro], cylindrical pretzels, and potato latkes type things that all of my friends found eating more than one disgusting (they offered all of theirs to me, i accepted)
Munich: schnitzels not my fave, bar pretzels are crunchy and delish, crazy lemonade beer
Athens: gyros and souvlaki [for 2-2.50 euro!], and lots of different things baked into pie crust

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