Tuesday, May 12, 2009

C.R.E.A.M. sauce

the other evening, before I embarked on thinking about studying for the rest of the night, me and some cohorts decided to have a little dinner get-together. We purchased a ton of spaghetti, although spaghetti has a pretty loose definition here, it looked more like really thin tagliatelle, but i'm not quite sure what the difference is. Anywho, i whipped up my very first cream sauce, and it was deliciously subtle.

Get a pot all hot and bothered:
-melt some buttah, by some i mean as much as you can look at without making yourself sick.
-add in some milk and flour, this is what makes the entire base of your sauce, so use as much as neccessary for the amount of pasta your making, and you want enough flour so it gets kinda goopy.
-some concentrated tomato paste all up in there so it turns a nice orange
-let that bubble for a little while, stir it so it doesn't get burned to the sides of the pot.
-add in yer spices (i used white pepper and salt)
[so far, it should probably taste like nothing]
-throw in some diced up cubes of Spicy Sausage/pepperoni, this mixes in with the sauce and creates an amazingly light spicyness,
-also add a bunch of rucola, which has an amazing flavor all its own, you'll smell it, and you'll smell it good. now this is where your flavor comes from
-I also threw in a bunch of cubed baby tomatoes, but i don't really remember tasting them, so that's your call.
-just stir that for a few minutes, its done.

its really simple and delishus.
-for your health.

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Daniel Spiro said...

I like how you spell delishus. Though, I'm pretty sure it's got an "o" before that "u."