Saturday, May 9, 2009

MAMBO: Apperitivi time

Italy is home to a terrific little philosophy of pre-dinner eats known as apperitivo. Which translates into appetizers! Thanks, Word Reference! The process is simple, you walk into any bar, order a drink, and a full buffet of finger foods is layed open, vulnerable for your big fat American mouth to binge on.

The apperitivi at Mambo, the Museo d'arte moderna di Bologna (1000 internets to the [wo]man who translates that bit of Italian trickery) is especially dazzling to the senses. The food was great, pretty typical appertivo fair, lots of rice(with bits of steak), cous cous, pasta, even some chick peas with tuna. What made it for me was the cocktail selection, Watermelon!(hooray summer) and the continuous playlist of obscure songs covered by obscure artists.

The Cocktail I had was thus:
Real Mule (quickly punned with "as opposed to the fake mule? *eyeroll*")
-Ginger Beer
-Triple Sec
-Big ol' orange slices
-garnished with an orange wedge dusted with ginger

The combination of orange and ginger was just absolutely refreshing, a potent potable suited for summer consumption for sure.

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