Saturday, May 9, 2009

Risotto Hypothesis

While enjoying an amazing dinner prepared by/with 4 of my favorite ladies in Bologna, in a spacious apartment, high up (relatively speaking) 6 floors above Via Boldrini on the northside of the city, an idea for a dinner experiment glittered in my eye.

The Dishes for this meal would be:
-Bleu cheese Risotto, sounds wierd, but i haven't met a wierd risotto that i didn't like. (small portion)
-Buffalo style Chicken cutlet. While at Mambo (see below) Gio tells me that Buffalo sauce is just hot sauce with butter, I'm sure the lovely folks at the Anchor Bar would note there are some subtler nuances.
-I'm not sure what drink would go best with this dish, how about we ask you! the audience!... Beer you say? huh, that just might work.

- break for a quick food coma -

-Apple/pear,cinnamon/raisin crumble with redwine(a combination i dub sultry)
[note: Sofia wanted to do a cheddar apple/pear crumble, but cheddar is a rare commodity in this country, and i think it sounds silly. I'll have to get to the lab and study that combo.]
[[doublenote: Sofia redeems herself by adding potato skins as a side for the main dish, excellent!]]

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