Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things I can accomplish while waiting for an Italian professor to show up for a final exam:

-take my final exam
-recite every line from yacht rock in my head
-hunt unicorn
-consider a lemon
-bitch about my professor being late
-forget all the material I crammed the night before
-count to infinity
-get wine drunk to improve my spoken italian

thinking about an Italian showing up on time to something is almost as ridiculous as thinking that an Italian would consider forming a line for something, rather than a mob of wild hand gesticulation. I'd also like to take this time to contemplate why Italians, unlike other people around the world, use their alternative methods of transportation in order to obtain a slower speed, like the bus [which only comes on time when i don't need it, and in that case it will come in fleets] which only travels around or obliquely through the city, so its really no more convenient than walking. On one occasion I actually saw someone sitting on a vespa and using their feet to move forward,they will stop at nothing to impede my use of the sidewalk. I'm not so sure I'll miss these absolutely charming aspects of Italian culture.

this is also my first non food related post, wowzers.

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Daniel Spiro said...

I once spent a whole week considering a lemon. Turns out, it was actually an orange someone had spray painted yellow. Makes you think.